‘Mostly Sunny’ By Filmmaker Dilip Mehta| MOVIE REVIEW | F’D WITH DANIEL

I just love Sunny Leone, and those of you who know me probably can image the excitement inside of me when I find out Mostly Sunny was coming to TIFF. The documentary aims to give you an intimate glimpse into the life of the former porn star turned A-List Bollywood actress.

I’ll be honest, this film will get polarized reactions. Some will love it, some will hate it but there’s lots to appreciate. But let me warn you, like most documentaries, we’re not uncovering a truth here or getting to the unknown nitty gritty of a story that must be told, instead we get an intimate and candid glimpse into the life of Sunny who really is the girl next door.

What stuck out to me is director Dilip Mehta’s attempt to present to us the authentic ins and outs of Sunny’s personal life and career, and that too from a non-judgmental, un-opinionated and unbiased point of view. Rather he presents to us what we already know, and just pokes a bit further. The documentary does highlights Sunny’s familal bonds and her relationship with her parents, and this is perhaps where you’ll need some tissues.

I give this documentary gets 3.5 stars.

Mostly Sunny hits select theaters and iTunes on January 13, 2017.


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