Karen David On Being A Fashionista & Becoming Princess Jasmine

Karen David is maaaa gurl! Having known her for the past few years I have had the privilege of becoming familiar with Karen’s many talents. She’s a singer, songwriter, actress and fashionista – all of which she feels and embodies with immense passion and humility.

After playing Princess Isabella on ABC’s Galavant for two seasons, she’s managed to still maintain her royal status by playing the first live action Princess Jasmine on ABC’s cult-hit and favorite Once Upon A Time. But there’s no removing her crown just yet, Karen’s passion for fashion is present in her British pop-up shop called The Queen’s Trunk. Here, Karen helps others explore their inner fashionista with her stylist-inspired approach to fashion.

Watch my interview with her to discover the responsibility she feels to portray Princess Jasmine in a meaningful way, and what’s in store for The Queen’s Trunk next. Woohoo!

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