Daniel is ELECTRIC! If you’re sharing oxygen in the same room with him, you’ll feel it because he is a very authentic person. I’m just struck by how much love Daniel has for the arts, for entertainment and the entire process. I’m truly in awe of his ability to bring stories to life! I just love his sparkle!”

- Arisa Cox, TV Host, Big Brother Canada


Daniel is one of the most kind and warm people you will ever meet. His adorable dimples are the icing on the cake ;)”

- Dina Pugliese, Host, Breakfast Televison Toronto


One of the sincerest people I have ever met. Daniel is so hard working, smart, so incredibly talented and very inclusive. He loves bringing people together. As a TV and Media Personality he has zero ego and for someone who has so many admirers and fans around the world, he has his feet firmly planted on the ground.”

- Janette Ewen, Celebrity Designer & Lifestyle Expert


I have had the pleasure of being interviewed by Daniel a few times and every time I have really enjoyed the way he conducts himself and his knowledge for the art. Not only a great professional but a fabulous, warm soul who always lights up the room.”

- Rishi Rich, Music Producer


I’ve had the pleasure of Daniel Pillai’s wit, humour, intelligence & warmth for two years in a row while presenting my films Newborns & Bunny at TIFF. It’s always been a pleasure to know someone who gets you & your films. It’s always conversation with Daniel. Never a dull interview. May I add how stylish he is & his stance & understanding on gender & the LG B T community is so to the point.”

- Megha Ramaswamy, Filmmaker


It was a pleasure for me to meet Daniel and chat with him. I have some fond memories of Toronto and meeting Daniel and having the pleasure of being interviewed by him is very fondly remembered. He was warm and infectious and new exactly how to conduct himself. A thorough professional.”

- Priyanka Bose, International Actress


Daniel is one of the most professional, prepared, and elegant interviewers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He has flare, and panache, but that never clouds the discussion, which is always about content first.”

- Richie Mehta, Filmmaker


The 2016 4th annual Body Confidence Canada Awards (BCCAs) received a RARE treat when we were lucky enough to secure the highly sought after Daniel Pillai as our awards host! Daniel seamlessly glided onto stage and into the hearts of our audience with his keen and well-timed sense of humour, his smooth dance moves, and his ability to vulnerably connect with our audience as he shared priceless reflections on his own journey towards body confidence throughout the evening! Daniel is a game changer. In a society where men and boys are often stuffed into stifling “masculinity” gender boxes, Daniel rises as a confident voice and media personality who isn’t afraid to create his own mold as a fierce, fabulous, force of advocacy and entertainment [in] one fashionable blazer at a time!”

- Jill Andrew & Aisha Fairclough, Founders, Body Confidence Canada Awards